Jairo Velasco

Palmco Services has seen substantial rapid growth in the last 5 years. What do we contribute our success to? The ability to have repeat business. How does one have repeat business? Easy. Treat every client as if they are your only one.


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Founder & CEO

George Guti

Senior Project Manager

Jairo has been a tremendous asset to Palmco since coming on board in 2014. With almost 20 years experience with all trades, he is at home on a construction site. He will tell you, his priorities are quality, budgets, profitability and safety in that order and we back him 100%.

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317 Garlington Road, Suite D6

Greenville, SC 29615


Tel: 864-558-2303

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 Advertising & Marketing


With almost 20 years experience, George knew from early on he wanted to spend his life building...creating. Thankfully, he also has a natural knack for business. With both of these traits, he has been able to see Palmco through to much success. Anyone who has worked with George will tell you, he is a standup guy. With just a good ol' handshake, you will learn George's word is his bond.  

Juan Gutierrez

Project Controls

Juan is well versed in project scheduling from the conceptualization of a project through startup. His days are spent implementing project controls (documentation, payments, schedule updates, RFIs, correspondence tracking, project accounting, cash flow projections and all other aspects of Project Delivery. 

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319 Garlington Road Suite D6                     722 Collins Hill Rd

Greenville, SC 29615                                     Lawrenceville, GA 30046

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